Ezel Berat, Turkey, the project organizer, our coordinator, trainer, father


It has been almost 12 years that i have been involved in European Voluntary Service projects as mentor, trainer and coordinator. During all these years i have been met many volunteers from different regions of Europe.

Different nationalities, different languages, different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and different difficulties…

Despite of all differences that they had among them, there were similarities too. In my opinion the most important one was “in search of their own path in life”.

There are many ways of developing themselves and being prepared for the future and its responsibilities but these youngsters preferred to go abroad and extend their vision, share&learn more about how life goes on in other locations of Europe.

I feel very happy that i am a youth worker and i try to create opportunities for young people in Turkey and rest of the the world and each time when i hear a good story of a youngster, if i am also in a part of that story, this is one of the biggest achievement of my life. Why?

Because that story will remind me of my own story and people those helped me to write it…

Let Your Creativity Out Project gave me the chance of meeting 30 amazing souls who came to Bodrum for many different personal reasons, in search of happiness or life goals… While they are were doing it, they already opened another door in my life and career.

I wish everyone has chance to make their dreams come true. In case our path crosses again, i’ll be there to do my part.

Görüşürüz 🙂

Arina Ovchinnikova, Russia

My impressions from “Let Your Creativity Out” project? Well, I’d started going crazy even before the volunteers arrived! I’ve participated in a number of projects in my life, but this one was the first on “the other side of the moon” — on the side of the organizer. Honestly, I had zero expectations: I had a feeling I already knew people before they came as I was answering their e-mails, helping them with their travel plans, etc. But god was I wrong! This group of volunteers is one of the most talented, resourceful, enterprising, warm-hearted and smart groups of people I have ever known. I enjoyed watching them taking initiatives to clean local beach, talk to people and raise awareness on eco-friendly lifestyle and so on. What’s more, I enjoyed being a part of those initiatives. I hope and believe we all took something useful and precious from this project, and we are ready to take it back home with us in order to become better versions of ourselves and spread the word.

Ezgi Dokur, Turkey

Let Your Creativity Out was my first project as an organizer. At the beginning of the project, I did not know where to put my expectations. Neither too much nor little. Then I started to meet people and get to know them better. It was amazing to see 30 different worlds, different ideas and feelings. Discovering the different worlds and getting something from them, adding their everything to my life, raised my expectations and strengthened my faith. After a certain point, although we had a short time, I believed that we could make the project in the best possible way. And everything I thought, I felt, became too real. I would like to thank all the people I have met and everything they have added to my world. I love you very much and you will always be in my heart. 

Lucía Sáez, Spain

An adventure within another adventure. An short term EVS within an long term EVS. 30 people who have come to make me happy with their art, their ideas, their cultures and their differents generations. We have teamwork for Land Art but also we have learnt from each other, we took care of each other, we enjoyed together discovering places, playing silly games or dancing until late night!

So summarize this month is to talk about people who have crossed my path, I feel really glad for meet them and to share this experience. And now the adventure continues without them but we will meet again anywhere in the world ♥

Vadim Kazansky, Russia

The success of any project depends on the people who organize it and their intention to bring better things to life. Besides that, all the participants were the keystone to success. When both sides share the interest and values, they achieve great results and want to go even further!

I truly believe that in this versatile project every one of us have found what they’ve been looking for. I was very happy to be with you, thank you for this experience! I wish you all good luck and hope to see you again soon.

Konstantin Prusov, Russia

It was surprising for me that such an amazing opportunity to immerse into new atmosphere to create is given to people. It was not the work in its usual sence; The place, the people, our trainings – everything for the best learning and leisure experience. The results were fascinating both in art and land-art practices. I thank everyone for sharing these days with me!

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