Nobody likes to be sick and less if one is in another country. But if you are an EVS volunteer, both short-term and long-term, you have the best health insurance in the world – Cigna; it means you mustn’t fear being ill, because Cigna is ready to help you.

It’s first class medical insurance:

  • It covers the necessary medical services like tests, treatments, medicines, pregnancy tests, also hospitalization if it is necessary. As well dental services are covered, prostheses and also, glasses or contact lenses (with a limit of up 300€).
  • The life of each volunteer is insured for 250€. This is a little scary but it is good to know your insurance REALLY thinks about everything.
  • Insurance provides payments in case of total or temporary disability.
  • Third party insurance. If you cause harm to another person, accidentally or in a fight.
  • The payment of costs associated with the loss of documents, tickets or luggage. It souns super nice, especially for the kind of volunteers we are (always loosing things like tickets or passports), but better be conscious and take care of your belongings 🙂

Unfortunately, things like being sick happen 🙁 This month Arina had a health problem and needed to visit a doctor. The first step was to find a hospital working with Cigna Insurance in Bodrum. There are two of them and both are private and verrry expensive. However, our motto is “Cigna covers!”, so Arina has choden one of them, and it was the best choice of her life…

This hospital looks like a 10-stars hotel, or a modern theater…Amazing! After several tests and treatments made in a highly professional way, our volunteer feels like a new-born.

What is more, a few weeks ago we had to go to dentist and the whole process was covered by Cigna (bedava – free. Our new favourite Turkish word).

Lucía needs a glasses so soon she’ll go to the hospital to launch this process and get her new glasses. Because Cigna covers!

For sure, we prefer never be sick. But we are, we have the best health insurane in the world, so no worries!

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