Merhaba 🙂

Since October we have a conversation club every wednesday. We gather together with who wants join us in the dance school and we speaking in English, Russian, Spanish or Turkish while we drinking a tea and we enjoying with snacks. And the best is that it’s free!!

The goal of this club is to learn and improve the speaking skills and doesn’t matter what is the people’s level, the only necessary is to want to spend a good time and to know new people and cultures.

We are glad with this project because thanks to this we have known interestant and nice people like Ezgi, our turkish friend who doesn’t miss any oportunity to speak english or other language.

Who knows how many relationships will start with this club!

For now, all of our meetings were in english except one which was in turkish. But today will be in spanish for first time and we are excited!

Like we told you, today it’s a special day. So, we will do games and we teach some words to have a conversation.

By the way, happy volunteer international day!!!

We’ll write you soon with new experiences, dear diary ♥️