Hey there! I’m Ale.

I have started my ESC volunteering project in march, 2020. We had a short-term ESC volunteering project about Landart. Because of Covid-19, we had to send all the participants back to their countries. Even though we had a chance to be together for 2 weeks, we already got so close and we were not ready to say goodbye so soon.

Everything happened so quick that we had to finish the project, move to our home and we were still in a shock. Thanks to our coordinator and lovely mentors for the support all the time. My project was in the hold because of the other volunteer, who was not able to travel due to Covid-19.

Quarantine was hard, but honestly, because of our hosting organization, I didn’t feel depression or loneliness. They supported us with the best. Our coordinator gave us online training, how to write a project, and mentors turned our days into great memories.

Finally, after 3 months of hard times, other volunteers could come and we already have started our project. Even in the quarantine period surely I can say I improved my personal and professional skills.

I and my lovely mentors handled quarantine together. We did almost everything together, going grocery shopping with our masks, choosing the long way to go home, cooking, joining webinars, dancing, singing and also being a therapist for one to another. Our relationship upgraded from participant-mentor into best friends.

The memories we had together will make me emotional for the test of my life.

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