On 1st of March 16 volunteers from 11 different countries and backgrounds arrived to Bodrum with one purpose- making a Land Art festival which would give a positive ecological impact on both local people and, if possible, people from further locations. Our short term ESC project activities were supposed to happen from 1st of March till 1st of April 2020. Sadly, because of Covid-19 pandemic caused restrictions in different countries, our volunteers had to return home earlier than planned.

The aim of the project is supporting environmental protection movement and eco-friendly lifestyle by using nature art, or Land Art as a tool. During couple weeks of the project,  our volunteers, now – a team, were working on creating a concept of the Land art festival and the message they wanted to share, on a marketing and advertising campaign, land art objects, organizing a festival, Erasmus+ and ESC promotion, and other things. Volunteers were chosen from different backgrounds and working fields, that way not only giving them possibility to learn more about things they were interested in, but also collecting a strong team with people who had knowledge in art, advertising, marketing, organizing, school work, youth work etc.


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