Hello, dear reader,

My name is Artashes, but people who are not used to this name, call me Art. I like it and somehow in my mind I see myself as a piece of real art))

I am from Armenia,  I work as an event organizer in different organizations and I want to tell how destiny brought to me this project.

So, being a young, creative and motivated person I decided that I need to live separately from my parents to start my own path in life, and of course the first step was to find a job. After couple of years, I noticed that I was fully covered with work, my day was starting with work in the morning and finishing with work at the night. Once during my workday I saw a simple post for others, but a great opportunity for me. At that moment I realized how much I am stuck in work, meanwhile totally losing connection with my creativity, and I got very frustrated. Next thing I did was giving up all my jobs, and in the next moment I applied for this project. Next day I was flying to Bodrum to start the adventure. Although our project was cancelled in the middle of it, because of global problems, I can feel how much I have developed my inner feelings and brought back the creativity that I used to have! I am looking forward to continue this or another project after these global problems will be solved and hopefully we will have a reunion!

For future volunteers I want to say – never close yourself to new opportunities and never be afraid of new chances that future has prepared for you!




Hello, my name is Joana, and I`m from Portugal.

After graduating from art school (sculpture) I was experiencing this “artistic blockage”. Had a couple of different jobs during some time and, at some point, I found myself doing everything that I never wanted for my life. So, I started to search for some options and bumped in European Solidarity Corp website. I was searching for something artistic and I found this project in Turkey named “Let Your Creativity Out!” about promoting ecology through Land-Art, and I must say that was exactly what a needed. I applied and luckily got selected.

This project taught me that volunteering has many forms but every time you will learn. That’s why I can say that this time made me bigger and better – it’s not what life is all about? I think that if it makes me a better version of myself, I’m in the right place.

They say that the time flows the same for everyone, but not everyone flows in time the same. Bodrum time just passed in a kind of fast forward days but in simultaneous the feeling was that you already are there for so long – It’s hard to explain but fantastic to experience.

The project had an early ending caused by outside reasons, but it’s ok, because for me this is just the beginning.




My name is Julia.  I am an artist from the cultural capital of Russia – St. Petersburg.

I am a mixed media fine artist.  There are projects from jewelry to monumental installations in my portfolio.

I do graphics, make glass sculptures, I like working with installations and objects in public spaces, because art objects there communicate with the audience constantly and continue to live in an urban environment.

⠀In my art projects, I explore the relationship between man and nature, man and the metropolis, modern society and the environment.  I bring the idea of ​​how important it is to take care of nature, ecology and all life.

⠀That was a reason why I decided to participate at ESC project “Let your creativity out”.

⠀Having received confirmation of participation, of course I had expectations of meeting interesting people from different countries who were close in spirit to me.  To work together on an eco-project, to gain experience in cooperation with the international community, to create land art for urban space.

⠀Nobody knows, but I`m very curious of what else will come out of it, whether we will meet again and where, or, perhaps, create something together.

⠀It is a pity that we were not able to implement all our plans, but I am grateful that I was part of this project and will be glad to have a reunion.

⠀Volunteering is an important tool of becoming a better person.  One of my principles is giving.  Gratuitous.  Only then the correct energy exchange is obtained and the wheel starts going on.  I feel, this is the right way, because I get a reward in the form of invaluable companions and invisible helpers.

⠀I would like to tell future volunteers to be open-hearted, to be open to new and sometimes even frightening experiences.  Take this step out of your comfort zone and let it go how it goes.

⠀We all start the same way – with a dream.  And projects like ESC are a place where you can find people who will believe in dreams with you.  And when this happens, the good is attracted like a magnet.


Photos by: Daniel Dluhý

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