My name is Daniel Dluhý, I come from Kežmarok, Slovakia. I am a filmmaker and a photographer. Both fields are also my hobbies. There is no day when I don’t take any picture. Another of my great interests are traveling and adventures. That is why I came to Bodrum. In spring of 2019 I participated on the Think Dance project during which we volunteered for the Bodrum Dance Festival. Thanks to my friends who organised it I got interested in the Let Your Creativity Out project. In my hometown I organise an event called Film Grill Party at the Square which aims on connecting people altogether with each other, with the public space of our town and with film art. For this event I would like to use the new skills and experience I gain while preparing the land art festival in Bodrum, and make it even better.
Volunteering is joy for me. It means meeting friends and learning new abilities together while trying to bring something good to life. Just like the Bodrum Land Art Festival. If you are going to become a volunteer, the best thing you can do is to enjoy every moment of your work and free time as much as possible. It may change your life.








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