Hi, everybody. I am Dasha from Russia.

I am studying to be a designer and meanwhile developing in the field of UX/UI design.

I found social networking pages of a sending organization where I was looking for an interesting project for a long time, but nothing attracted me. When I saw this project, I fell in love with it instantly, at first sight, because it brings together art and ecology.

I had never been to a volunteer project before and I am very happy that I had a chance to go to this project. Different and insanely interesting people gathered here in Bodrum, united by one goal – to create a land art festival and change the world little by little.

For me, these were the best 2 weeks in my life. I found some good friends from all over the world, I gained a lot of experience working in a team and a load of emotions.

If you are thinking about whether to go volunteering or not, do not even waste your time- pack your suitcase and start your ESC! You will get a lot of good emotions and new knowledge.

Thank you to everyone who created this project!






Hi, my name is Lena.  I am from Russia.

All my life has been connected to Art. I studied architecture and worked in landscape design, but later in my life I understood that I want to study sculpture and joined art college. Sculpture for me is when I can make the whole art piece with my own hands, and the fusion of architecture and sculpture helps me to better see both artistic and constructive.

I live in a beautiful place- Ural mountains which are one of the oldest mountains. I like to travel in nature, to take photos and paint. I love both nature and art and that was a reason why I decided to participate at ESC project “Let your creativity out”. I applied and luckily got selected!

In this project, I set different goals for myself. Firstly to combine natural materials in urban sculpture, and share my experience with a team of people from different countries, secondly to learn something new from each project participant, thirdly to raise awareness on ecological issues. These projects expand their own framework and allow you to see the world wider, brighter, to relate to the place where you live with gratitude as well as to any other beautiful place and other person. It is so important to understand how much there is around you and how interesting are the differences.

Volunteering is multifaceted and constantly in the movement of development, regardless of time and situation, for free and with the highest quality, it tries to understand and implement very important tasks for the benefit of our planet.

I would like to wish the young volunteers to immerse themselves in the tasks as a whole, try to be as open as possible and ready for the wonderful changes in their lives, because you will become a lot happier.


Photos by: Daniel Dluhý

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