I am Flora, representing Armenia in the beautiful city of Bodrum.

I have a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and cross-cultural communication, as well as qualification of a teacher. Right now I am striving to become a trainer and a youth worker, who will assist and guide the youngsters towards a better life and better choices. This mission which I want to dedicate my life to, is quite rewarding also in the sense that it gives me a great opportunity to self develop involving my two hobbies: learning languages and traveling.

My organization where I work as a youth worker, has been partners with “Bodrum Dance Club” for many years, and when they informed us that their short-term ESC project “Let Your Creativity Out” was approved, I immediately made up my mind to apply for it. This project couldn’t be any better and more appropriate for what I was looking for. The cause of the project was something I always wanted to contribute to and learn more about: eco-friendly lifestyle, environment protection, using Land Art as the main tool. Of course it was also quite challenging for me since I have never had any previous practice with arts, but that is also the point of such ESC projects- to do what you have never done before, learn by doing, going outside of your comfort zone, discovering a brand new YOU. Delving into a new project, a fresh beginning, can always be quite a scary thing, from which you have expectations as well as fears. I had lots of both! I came determined to soak everything in like a sponge, and not only about the project but from my fellow participants, from local people in Bodrum, from the trip itself. Despite the hardships that our team faced, and the fact that our project was left unfinished due to the critical situation that is currently going on in the world, we all managed to learn so much and we still continue to by embracing the bonds we have created during the project. I cannot wait to continue my work having experienced those unforgettable days in Bodrum ESC volunteering gives you an opportunity that no other paid job can ever offer, which is a space to grow as an individual and as an experienced professional of your chosen field. You enhance your knowledge, world-view, communication skills, intercultural knowledge, make new connections, discover a world beyond anything you have ever known, and that is exactly what I did in the month of March 2020.

Never miss an opportunity to challenge yourself by leaving your comfort zone, because that is actually when magic happens!


Photo by: Daniel Dluhý







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