Hi, my name is Raffaele, I am from Naples, Italy. Currently, I try to make my way into the world of video making and photography, but I have a story to tell because I believe that sometimes sharing one’s experiences is a source of liberation and learning respectively for those who share them and for those who listen to them;

My story concerns events that I have experienced, which have involved me in a very strong way. So I would like to start with a brief introduction to be as clear and simple as possible:

Everything I have lived has always preferred to see it as a great adventure, something that changed my life.

Bodrum, Turkey

This 2020 has shocked everyone, and I lived with the hope of achieving the small goals that I had set for myself;

Tokyo, Japan
Abovyan, Armenia
Bistrița, Romania

I experienced a fantastic 2019, which also led me to travel to the other part of the world, I took part in several projects that gave me the opportunity to broaden my vision and learn about new cultures. These experiences took me to Turkey, Romania, Armenia and Japan within 6 months. And these experiences made me understand so many things about precisely that all the stereotypes I had about other cultures were wrong, and I felt a sense of satisfaction learning about the various places I lived. I like to think that experiences increase knowledge, and a good knowledge of the world around us makes us feel good and adapt to every difficulty.

2019 also ended in a beautiful way because on 31 December 2019, I received the news that I would have to leave for another project, this time long term, in Turkey, Bodrum, just where I started with my first project Erasmus +.

The expected arrival in Turkey was scheduled for February 28, but unfortunately for bureaucratic reasons, it was postponed to March 1; but precisely that day due to the virus, Turkey closed its borders with Italy.

March 2, 8 am, my phone rings… On the phone, my sister tells me to come to Brussels “Maybe you can leave from here”, and apparently if I had spent 15 days, not Italy I could have gone to Turkey.

March 3, 5 in the morning, I’m at the airport, heading towards Belgium.

I have hope and an opportunity to make this happen and in Brussels maybe I can have some answers, I will wait for what happens.



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