EVS’ heart  never stops beating in Bodrum, as another project started rolling along.

16 brand new volunteers came to the city in the last few days for a short-term Project, aimed to promote Bodrum Dance Club’s activities and spread Erasmus+ Programme in Turkey: 16 different stories from 12 different countries, providing  the Club with some international energy and  wide-ranging support. Photographers, video-makers, DJs, promoters, aspiring project managers and – of course – dancers will be volunteering in different teams, but being part of one big and marvellous family!

Alan, Chile – Organizer
Ale, Armenia 
Andrea,  Slovakia
Andrea, Italy
Anie, Georgia
Anton, Belarus


Arina, Russia – Organizer/Mentor,
Berat, Turkey – Cordinator
Yuliia, Russia
Ezgi, Turkey – Organizer/Mentor
Joana, Portugal
Lucia, Spain – Organizer/Mentor
Lyaysan, Russia
Madara, Latvia
Olga, Belarus
Raffaele, Italy
Rita, Spain
Sèlin, Turkey – Organizer/Mentor
Tibor, Hungary

Vahan, Armenia

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