Dear Diary!

Let me take you to the THREE time zones of EVS!

Yoga Time
I am a yoga fan. For a very long time tutorials on YouTube were my “guide”. That’s the reason I had never taken part in a group yoga. Actually, this was the first thing I experienced on the 3rd day of my arrival to Bodrum, Turkey. (I am here as a short term EVS Volunteer).

Now Marti is my guide in yoga – a fellow volunteer from Hungary. She helps all those who are interested in diving in the sophisticated connections of our bodies and minds, which actually leads to self-discovery.

Yoga with Marti!
Time of group yoga.

P.S. We felt like doing yoga yesterday, but Marti was asleep, and we just trusted our memories to do whatever we recalled. No YouTube tutorial!

Tea Time, Not a Usual One
I delivered a presentation about Chinese tea ceremony when I was a student. Sure, I had never experienced it till I met Mate – another Hungarian volunteer. (By the way, this guy is not only a tea master, but also a bartender, a polyglot and the most low-speaking volunteer next to all of us!).

Tea ceremony with Mate!
Chinese tea set.

After putting little cups out of his big black bag, he goes on explaining the whole tradition for the newcomers – using some specific and visual expressions like “tea gets exhausted” after you pour hot water on it for a few times.


I will tell you a secret – besides the tea cups he also keeps a kettle in his big black bag. The Hotel we are living in is not a reliable source for hot water – once there is water, and some other time  – not!

P.S. After drinking this kind of high-quality tea, it is hard to go back to random ones!

Even the most inexperienced ones are invited to…
Yes! They are invited to Bodrum Dance Club to learn Salsa, Hip-Hop, or Oriental dance.

The funniest thing is that the lessons are conducted in Turkish and we need to put much effort in order to figure out the steps. Even if we fail, there is one success – at least we have learnt how to count in Turkish!!

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Güle Güle!


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