In July and August 2021 hundreds of wildfires have started in 53 provinces across Turkey, affecting both forests and residential areas. Villages and neighborhoods were evacuated, countless animals became victims of the fires, and the beautiful green forests are now buried under the memories of the catastrophe.
Getting aware of the dramatic damages caused by relentless wildfires, it is important to start with our own, showing an example of being environmentally conscious in many aspects.

In the frames of Time to Move activity, which is a series of online and physical events all over Europe during October, we would like to present a social advertisement project to raise environmental awareness among people all over the world in order to prevent the recurrence of the past mistakes in the nearest future.

Dorottya Meszaro

By harming nature, you suffocate your future.

Neglecting the forests will burn your honor.

Eniko Takacs
Ksenia Kriuchkova

Your bad habits should not cost their home.

You call them dangerous predators, yet you are the one who is responsible for the death of millions.

Elizabeth Yanova

You can’t clean the past while your hands are still dirty from the ashes.

Idea & Photography: Kseniia Demenkova (Ukraine);
Makeup & Creative Consultancy: Margarita Mateyko (Armenia);
Participants: Dorottya Meszaros (Hungary), Elizabeth Yanova (Russia), Eniko Takacs (Hungary), Ksenia Kriuchkova (Russia), Polina Sydorenko (Ukraine).

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