Dear diary,

Long time no see, ha? Yep, the life of the EVS volunteers is sooo intense and full with events and emotions, so sometimes you cannot even find time to write couple of lines about your experience.

So, what happened to us during the month we were absent here? Let’s see!

February was really one of the most active and fruitful months of our EVS. We managed to prepare for a short-term project (that has already started) devoted to land art, environmental issues, eco-life style. We worked with applications, partners, documentation, budget, and so on, and finally, two days ago we welcomed 30 volunteers here in Bodrum to work together with them and have a great project.

The first week of such projects is usually on-arrival training for short-term EVS volunteers. It means, that during the first week volunteers get to know each other, build their group’s dynamics together, discuss what is volunteering, learn more about Erasmus+ programme. The highlight (and our favorite part) of this week is Intercultural night. It’s an amazing event when all the volunteers gather in their national teams, prepare traditional food from their country and tell others stories and legends from their region. We are really looking forward to being a part of this project Intercultural night!

Of course, we were not only working during this month, but found some time to rest and travel.

Lucia went to visit her sister in Budapest. She really enjoyed the city and Hungary itself, and got inspired by the spirit of Budapest for new creative things. Here are some pictures of this great city, take a look!


Arina also went to Europe, to Slovakia, in order to participate in a very interesting event: two-days hike in Slovakian snowy hills with a sleepover in the woods! That experience was a tough one: the group of hikers started their walk at 9 am from the city named Snina, and continued the journey of 27 km until 5 pm. Then they built a shelter from materials they could fine in the nature, made a fire and cooked warm meal, sat together playing ukulele and singing, and then went to sleep to their sleeping bags. The second day of the hike was harder. Many people of the group had their shoes wet because of the huge amount of snow, but they continued the hike up to the hills anyway. Yes, it was hard, but it was worth it!

Dear diary, it’s time to say goodbye for today (and hopefully not for another month). We’ll get back to work and our amazing project J

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