We are Lucia from Spain and Arina from Russia, EVS volunteers working and living in Bodrum, Turkey for 9 months at the very least 🙂

We made a decision to come to Turkey in order to participate in the long-term EVS project “Perform Arts Connect Hearts”. The aim of the project is to encourage youngsters of Bodrum to take active part in economic and social life of Bodrum using arts and to increase their personal development in this way.

According to the aim of the project we have several flows throughout the project activity period:

  • We cooperate with Bodrum Health Foundation and give music classes for young people with special needs there
  • We develop and run several Erasmus+ project on the basis of Bodrum Dance Club, our hosting organization (including short-term EVS projects, Training Courses and Youth Exchanges)
  • We promote the activities of Bodrum Dance Club by running its social media resources, shooting videos and photos and conducting interviews and social surveys

More about our activities here in Bodrum you can learn from