Dear Diary,

This winter in Bodrum is crazy! Even though for the last five days we’re enjoying sun and heat, December and January were exceptionally yağmurlu (“rainy” in Turkish), and this creates some very serious problems.

You can see quite easily that Bodrum is not ready for THIS amount of rain: every day is like a never-ending shower, and Bodrum is taking it. First of all, the roads were obviously not built for rainy weather. Water is simply staying on the surface of the roads making them the biggest swimming pool in the world.

Second (and the scariest), houses and building are not supposed to take so much water. Here are several examples:

  • we have a friend, and she is staying in one of the old Bodrum houses. The walls in her place take the water inside, so she has to use baskets/buckets/bowls
  • a part of the ceiling in one of the dance halls in our hosting organization just fell down because of the pressure of the collected water
  • in our rooms (and rooms of some of our friends) the wall papers or wall covering go off because of the level of humidity

Yes, we agree, it is kinda sad 🙁

But, actually, who cares if you are in Bodrum – the BEST city on Earth!

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