Dear Diary!

March is all about green in Bodrum, so we, 30 volunteers from 10 different countries came here for the call of magical Turkey to make the beautiful city of Bodrum as eco-friendly as possible 🙂 Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Croatian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Lithuanian, Greek, Russian, and Armenian youngsters are gathering here with the assistance of Turkish locals to create LAND ART, facilitate workshops and much more!

Our team has visited the gorgeous Bodrum National Park today to kick off the greenest no waste project in town! That park has so much beauties to offer, it was the perfect scene for drawing, photo shooting and being inspired about nature 🙂 We wish that the city of Bodrum would be just as clean and inspiring as today’s wonderful archaeological setting, therefore we stand up for a waste-free Bodrum and call for attention about plastic waste, food over-consumption and recycling.

In the coming 3 weeks there will be intense happenings all around Bodrum, so don’t get surprised if you hear from us or bump into us in random places 🙂 We are social and very much open, ready to stop using straws in restaurants and plastic bags in the bazar, reducing our food waste and re-using old stuff in order to give them a new life…

You will see us introducing our green way of living on Facebook and Instagram as well, just as much as here, so stay tuned for the news and get yourself a glass bottle for your water soon 😉


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