Hello everyone.
I am Armineh and I come from Yerevan in Armenia. It’s a small, landlocked country neighboring Turkey. J

For a long time I had been looking for an ESC/EVS project on the ESC portal, on Facebook, etc. But to find a project that you truly would like to participate is not that easy. There are usually myriads of opportunities and it’s so easy to get lost in them, especially when you would like to try everything. )

However, one sunny February day I found this short ESC project on Facebook posted by Future in our hands NGO in Yerevan. And guess what? It really appealed to me, so immediately I sat down writing my motivation letter and there I was, in the beautiful Bodrum.

I would define the project “Let your creativity out” a special one since it merges different fields of work all together: arts, media, event management, etc. The main goal of the project was the creation of Land Art aiming to bring awareness to the ecological problems that the world and, of course, Bodrum face today.  My main task during the project was the SMM promotion. Me and the media team were trying to keep our followers updated on what was going to be done, presenting everything step by step, introducing ourselves, our skills and our ideas.

The project was both fun and educative indeed and I never regretted joining it. In fact I would like it to last longer. I would really like to thank the organizers of the project for having such a brilliant idea and of course all the participants from 11 different countries for making this 1 month an unforgettable and a positive time in my life.



Photo by: Daniel Dluhý



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