Привіт (hello), my name is Anastasiya)

I am a third year student of architectural faculty from Ukraine. I decided to go with the architecture because of the strong curiosity towards life and I hope the field I have chosen is complicated and overarching enough to answer many of my questions:)

So, one of really disturbing questions for me today is “how can we build and maintain a sustainable living in harmony with nature?”. That is why this project was chosen by me. And it was different, because we, a group of motivated volunteers and amazing organizers, were not trying to overcome the consequences of pollution environment, or deal with causes of ecological issues, but we were trying to fight with people’s apathy towards them. The best weapon was chosen – land art. I believe art itself is powerful to grow diverse range of ideas in human minds and we wanted to use that power in the sake of nature.

I would not be me without taking part in volunteer work. And for me it is always about people, making connections, exchanging knowledge, sharing skills and ideas in order to make our world a little better place for everyone. Unfortunately, our project was interrupted by some unforeseen circumstances, but I have learned how to say “Hello” in at least 8 languages and now I am capable to start conversations about ecology with people from different countries;)

My friend found this project on some website and showed it to me. I was super inspired but in the same time I had many doubts: “I have never tried to make land art, how am I going to be helpful”, “my English is not strong, how am I going to understand somebody’s complicated speeches”, “yes, I have volunteering experience, but what if it is not enough”, and many others. But here I am, I am sharing my unforgettable experience and talking about brilliant people I was super lucky to meet. So my suggestion for future volunteers – never lose yourself in doubts it is such a waste of your precious time, be brave to make first steps in any kind of work, be always open to new things and do not be afraid to ask any questions;)))


Photo by: Daniel Dluhý







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