Dear Diary!

Paradise is sometimes closer than we think: only 20 minutes away from Bodrum city center 🙂 We, volunteers have discovered Paradise Beach and its crystal clear water, fresh air and intense green forest. We went there to create land art objects, to show the artistic faces of nature and give a second meaning to stones, branches and leaves. Land art is about using nature as a canvas on which you paint your thoughts, impressions, views on the world… These objects dissolve naturally with the time, but before that happens, you can admire them and meditate over them 🙂

It is just a pity that Paradise Beach is a dirty beach. Tourists and locals use and abuse the space for barbecue and leave such a mess behind that not even a zombie apocalypse would produce! So before creating anything art-looking, we had to start with cleaning up Paradise Beach and it was not a small effort. Plastic is the biggest pain of mother Earth, therefore we were mainly focusing on that but we did not practice mercy on beer bottles, cigarettes or chips bags either. Only then we could start building our little treasures: hive, starfish, om symbol, turtle and many other…

Contemporary art is not any more about beauty like classical fine art – it raises questions, makes you smile or surprises you, if you let it surprise you. So we invite you all to deep dive into our objects while we deep dive into this wonderful blue water 🙂

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