Dear diary,

Even here, in sunny Bodrum, we feel that holidays are coming, and we want to spend this special time together with people we love. That’s why Lucia is back to Spain for Christmas break to visit her family, and today I, Arina-an-EVS-volunteer-who-doesn’t-have-money-to-go-to-Russia-for-holidays, am taking over this page!

Guess what we are going to talk about today, when it’s officially Christmas Day and only 6 days until New Year left? That’s right, holiday season!

I will tell you a story about the best gift I ever had for winter holidays. Get your cup of cocoa with marshmallow or a glass of hot wine, and let’s get it started 🙂

Once upon a time a Volunteer came to Bodrum to do her European Voluntary Service there. The Volunteer was a simple Russian girl who believed in the power of music and wanted to share this belief with others.

Bodrum was a sunny touristic city, but it had an option to offer to our Volunteer: there was a great youth organization “Bodrum Dance Club – Youth, Culture and Art center”, that run a Volunteer’s dream project: work with kids with special needs through music and vocal.

The first months of the project were truly amazing: it had its good and bad moments, but the Volunteers was enjoying each day, meeting new people, learning new things, self-developing and becoming a better person through every step. However, the most magical time of the year has come – holiday season, and special people Volunteer was giving music classes to had an idea to have a wild New Year party.

No doubt, they had to prepare a performance showing their musical development and proficiency together with our Volunteer. And that was what they did! During several weeks they were gathering together in the center named Bodrum Health Foundation to come up with the idea of the performance, rehearse the music and make the rhythm flow.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it was legen – wait for it – dary! LEGENDARY!

Young performers together with the Volunteer sang an old Turkish folk song “Hekimoglu”, but they made it super-modern: they have added drums, tambourines and even beatbox! Can you imagine that? No? Then enjoy some photos of the magical times of rehearsals right here!

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