Valentina Monari, Italy

These four weeks has been a precious time, that i took for myself, far away from the working routine of my hometown, far from the oppressive schedules that fill my everyday life. This has been an occasion for use my time in a more free way, with more self awareness, dedicating myself in a goal that I choose.

The encounter with people with common goals and values, coming from different countries will give me motivation for go on in my artistic and personal path with more strength.

Ioanna Rafaela Tsimpli, Greece

My first Erasmus Plus experience is fascinating and inspiring. Last days are already here and I do not feel so glad about it.. From that month in Bodrum I’ll keep many ‘’lessons’’ and memories. Due to that project I pushed myself to be more socialized, open and to dare more. I spoke in front of people even though I felt so awkwardly every single time, I tried to share my thoughts and feelings even though I didn’t felt confident with my English skills. I had yoga lessons for the first time, I learned about eco lifestyle, land art, waste and more.. I traveled to really beautiful, exciting, new places like Pamukkale, Gümüşlük (Izmir and Istanbul are next also). I met adorable and different people from 10 countries, we shared our experiences and knowledge. I learned from them so many things that I haven’t even heard about before. We have an amazing leader who is always there helping, supporting and spending time with us. Our memories are going to be so funny but also heartwarming. I feel so lucky, grateful and full about this project and about the people I met. I would do it undeniably all over again.

Edoardo Montaccini, Italy

It’s been an intense experience that find its luckyness and richness in the difference that we take in our backpack (from nationality to personality). Obviously community life can be difficult but the freedom left inside the project was enough to give to everyone the possibility to react at the community in the best way for himself, and for me that’s a great achievement in organizing youth activities.

Even if the clarity sometimes missed and some misunderstanding happened, for me the project has been really proactive and for sure a step forward to discovering my “learning zone” boundaries.

Konstantina Tsagkari. Greece

Being in Bodrum for 1 month, with people from 10 different countries, living in the same place, spending every single day together, was one of my greatest experience of my life. Before i arrived here, i was anxious about the unknown. I was expecting nothing. And now, that i am writing my thoughts about this project i feel so grateful, i feel lucky. I have so many emotions that make me wanna freeze the time and hug all my last moments here with all these amazing people.

I tested myself, i did things which would seem impossible for me, in my country. It’s not only the place that made me feel different, it’s mostly my interaction with all these people, my partners to this dream. Our daily brain-stormings, our walks on the beach, our tea ceremonies, our draw/music/ yoga days, our environmental activities, our talks, our MOMENTS will always be in my heart in a way which make me want to live more and appreciate more.

Ovidijus Šiaulys, Lithuania

During the project teamwork and critical thinking was the main improving skill. The biggest goal was to show the locals and the whole world the effect of pollution. Besides spreading those problems, we had “Land art” activities. During the practice we got a task to create an object from natural nature materials. Besides the skills on top I gained a lot of english speaking skills and became more responsible.

At the project I got to collaborate and communicate with locals and get to know about their culture, traditions, attitude. Turkish people are very large-hearted. The art of negotiation takes a big part in this country’s culture. Locals really respect military, Atatürk and the national flag. Any kind of disrespect shown to one of these symbols is a huge insult to the country. Also, I got to try many different traditional dishes, the best for me was “börek” and “köfte”.

To this project came 30 people from 10 different countries. Representatives from Spain fascinated me the most. Why? I do not know myself. Maybe because I admire Spain’s culture and music since the very first days.

In my nearest and farest future mostly I will use critical thinking. I think to connect my profession with law enforcement, so I will have to make the right decision in a limited amount of time. As I said earlier I got to know to “Land art”. This is a completely new sphere to me and I will definitely try to improve it and spread the information between my family and friends.

I encourage all the youth to become involved into projects. It is a priceless experience which you will held your whole life.

Veronika Surovtseva, Russia

This month of EVS project feels as one of best times in my life!

Meet so many amazing people with different backgrounds but common values, collaborate in international team, try new activities – this project became an invaluable opportunity to explore your own self and a way to enrich your life. Somehow it feels easier to start things from scratch, reboot in a new place, among new people and away from your daily routine. I love everything that happened during this project!

Building a Land-Art object for the first time was the unique experience. Never before paid I such close attention to the nature details and ecosystem of the place I’m traveling to. What are the plant species, types of stones, color and texture of the moss, flexibility of branches – it all mattered suddenly, when I needed to create an art-piece using only what the Paradise Bay has to offer. And in return I have earned very detailed, joyful and unforgettable impressions.

Arshaluys Barseghyan, Armenia

I had a free ticket to several worlds, cultures and experiences during this 1-month-long EVS project in sunny Bodrum. I started to understand yoga as a daily prayer of my body, I understood, that sipping tea in a small chinese cup is much more than in big ones. I felt the sense of salsa as well. I started to get more aware of environmental issues and now I try to reduce my carbon footprint on this planet.

Nikolai Kolpakov, Russia

Life didn’t change. And projects like this one shouldn’t change it, that’s not a thing to rely on. What did I spend my month for? For the tools to realize my real skills, possibilities to change the life on my own (learning by doing). At the end of the day, it may appear that there’s no need to change smth at all ’cause I love it. Shortly, I wish my school gave me the same;) For example, if I were taught not only how to do “enough” to pass physics but to “let my creativity out” (yeah, advertisement) and find myself in every field I would be more productive and self-satisfied. I may be wrong, but when you finish your first song during the month you start thinking that it could be more during 23 years.

Agnese Garau, Italy

Perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience: 36 people from different countries, a rich and engaging project, a beautiful city that welcomed and hosted us for a month.

If I had to describe this experience with an image it would be a giant hug.

Enveloping, stimulating, enriching, intercultural.

Different ages, different backgrounds and countries but with a common goal: work to make this world a better place.

We sat down together watching each other, discovering each other slowly and connecting our minds, exchanging thoughts, knowledge, smiles and simple gestures that made the difference.

Every day started with a super energy and a great desire to do and create something together.

I started this experience with a little knowledge of English and I am happy to have found a way to communicate even when the words were missing.

It was really nice to see how beautiful ideas were born from nothing and how we managed to create fantastic land art works all together. Together we can do so much.

This experience made me believe in people and the power of communication. A change is possible!

Sisa Kondisová, Slovakia

Many people wondered why I chose Turkey. I usually don’t overthink my decisions because I believe that whatever is supposed to happen, will. And I do not regret this decision at all. Turkey is Eurasian country, but it differs from all European countries in everything. I even heard opinions like, “it’s not fair that you can visit Turkey but we need VISA for travelling to Europe”. Since Turkey is closed off in some ways, people there are more traditional (traditions are mostly tied up with islamic religion). People in Turkey tend to be polite, friendly and family oriented. They like hanging out, talking, dancing and inviting you to/for tea (they drink lots of tea), they make coffee in džedzva and can prepare the most delicious food in the world. Of course, this is all accompanied with turkish music. You should also get ready for the sound of azan, which can be heard five times a day and calls people to prayer.

Now I know, that I couldn’t spend this month in better place than Turkey, with people that taught me a lot. I never imagined, that I would experience so much on my first Erasmus programme. My english and turkish is way better now and I worked on Land Art project, which is still unbelievable to me and I met people with different opinions and ideas. I accomplished things I wanted to, I grew as a person and am more open-minded than before and my relationship with nature deepend. Honestly, I didn’t think people would be so interested in nature art. Every day in Turkey presented new adventure with lots of entertaining and useful activities.


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