Lola Tóth, Slovakia

What caught my attention about this project was mainly the artistic background of it and I need to say that I am more satisfied than I thought I would. I am interested in visual arts and crafting so the second and third weeks were the most fulfilling for me. Through the second week we were all enjoying the drawing workshops inside and outside in the nature and through the third week we were preparing the land-art exhibition what was a completely new form of art I have experienced and worked on. As side projects we had a (trash)printing workshop by Valentina Monari and a public speaking workshop by Márta Dancs which were inspiring and enriching my interests. Beside of all this I fell totally in love with Bodrum’s aesthetics and vibe, Pamukkale’s natural beauty and I think I don’t need to mention the new friendships created here. Overall I am really thankful and inspired by this short-term evs project and if I could I wouldn’t leave this place.

Petros Valakas, Greece

Living in Turkey the last month I can say that is really hard to express all these things that we experienced this period in some words. I have participated in many Erasmus+projects but this was my first EVS and I am sure I will remember it forever. The people I met, the organisation team and the activities made for us an unforgettable experience. We get closer to the nature, we discover new parts of ourselves, we made lifetime friendships and we create an interesting exhibition. In a nutshell, we let your creativity out and we discovered various new things! Turkey undoubtedly touched my soul and I am sure I will be back soon.

Justina Poškevičiūtė, Lithuania

In the project I met a lot of wonderful people and got to know to Turkish culture. The main goal was to show to people the negative effect of pollution to our nature. During the “Land art” activity in “Paradise Bay” beach we had a task to create an object from natural materials that nature gives us. By participating in this project I gained experience in team working skills and improved my english skills. During the project I learned a lot about this country’s traditions and culture. Turkish people appeared to me very friendly and generous. Also, I got to try several traditional dishes which I loved. To this project came participants from 10 different countries. It was very nice to get to know them about themselves, their traditions, culture. When I come back to my hometown I will try to spread the awareness about pollution in the nature to my whole country. Personally, I would like to encourage everyone, especially the youth to participate in projects, travel around the world and accomplish volunteering because it is an experience that can no one buy it or give a price to it.

Márta Dancs, Hungary

This Erasmus project is the best experience of my life, no exaggeration. Also no marketing. Just pure learning, socializing, art creation — I was for the first time called an artist, it is a very heart-warming thing for a strict economist like me 🙂 Turkish locals are the most welcoming people I have ever met and the country has so much beauty to offer that not even 5 Erasmus projects would be enough to discover it all!

We are experiencing team as family here: nobody was ever excluded or abandoned during the program, we always wait for each other which is unusual for me, Hungarians are much more individualistic though it does not have to be that way… Nothing bad happens if we are a bit late with the dinner or the laundry is not done today but tomorrow — simple things but they used to give me unnecessary headache 🙂 I learnt a lot from the Italians about staying calm, from my Croatian roommate about helping each other, from the Slovak gardener about our defects and from the Russian journalist colleague about inner peace… Happiness was never before wrapped so compactly in one month, I am grateful for this experience 🙂

Meghrik Murad, Armenia

Blue and white… Seems like there is not any other emotion besides blue and white. In the streets, on the walls, in the sky, and even in peoples’ hearts and word there is no other color. Only blue and white…

This EVS gives me strength to create a new chapter in my life, which actually seems like empty blank, without concrete plans at the moment. I hope i will enjoy and face these upcoming new moments and challenges with all the things i’ve learned and get in these 4 weeks in Bodrum.

I learned how kind and giving human being can be, even when they don’t have much to give. I learned how one of the biggest equalizers of our society is storytelling and sharing of self. I opened new windows of understanding, compassion, education, and take time to listen and communicate with our community members.

Just show love, give love and be in love. You will not regret it!

Máté Bodnár, Slovakia

I had no expectations when I was coming to Bodrum. I have never been in Turkey before, I knew almost nothing about the project so this whole thing was a big mystery for me.

I only knew that we will do LandArt but I didn’t really have a clear idea of what LandArt is either.

As it turned out it was the very first project on the topic of environmental protection organised by the local dance club and nobody was really sure about the outcomes of the project at the end of the month.

The first two weeks were mostly dedicated (apart from getting to know our new Turkish environment), to learning courses, drawing lessons. art history lessons, LandArt techniques lessons and gaining various abilities to fulfil our common aim, what is to raise peoples’ awareness about environmental thinking and zero-waste lifestyle by using Art.

We divided our group of 30 people into smaller groups with specified tasks based on our skills and interests and began to work on our LandArt pieces, on the promotion of projects and spreading material on media.

Although we didn’t manage to create everything what we intended, the results of the project were surprising. We created wonderful artworks, addressed a lot of people and shared our way of thinking. My biggest personal achievement is that I learned how to create things out of nothing using the cooperative ability of motivated people.

Greta Zvilnaitė, Lithuania

During this project, I met a wide range of people from ten different countries, worked in teams and gained teamwork skills. All participants are young 18-30 years old, all friendly, good-natured, cheerful and most important to help nature.

At the beginning of the project we had a chance to get to know Turkish culture, customs and even learn a bit about Turkish. Also living here, I noticed that there are mostly men working in the city, there are very few working women, as well as the art of negotiation. Turkish are very pleasant, even when you go to the store, you will be offered tea or tea and cake.

So, when I was here, I realized that I needed to save my life. I think I’ll change my habits a bit when I return to Lithuania. So I encourage and invite young people to get involved in projects, to go on international volunteering, to get to know cultures, to take time to change time, to expand your circle of friends, to leave comfort zone and do good work.

Fernando Sánchez López, Spain

Maturing, rejuvenating, living. Doing those three things at the same time and without knowing them, like the baby that breathes and seeks a hug. Realize that you don’t only talk with words, discover that we are not the center of the universe, we all are different forces joined by the same sense. Feeling the warmth in your chest, in your cheeks when making mistakes and learning from it. Living, maturing and rejuvenating again with it.

Ekaterina Kachalina, Russia

This month was all about inspiration, creation, communication and transformation. I felt myself put in a warm glowing bubble with unique people from 12 different countries. We went through this time hand in hand: learning, working, partying, sharing. We studied Turkish language, ate kebabs, draw windmills, practiced yoga near the pool, discussed environmental issues, explored Bodrum and traveled to other beautiful cities and villages, played the Secret Angel game, danced salsa and bachata, sang in chorus, promoted the project among young people, cleaned the beach and created amazing land art projects in teams. But this enumeration does not give a clue to what really happened here. Some barriers were broken, transformations took place, and real friendships started. A small life we lived in just one month, and enormous thanks to everyone who was involved, and especially to those who made this happen. Love you guys, you are the best!

Alan Wurman, Chile

For me, the “Let Your Creativity Out Project” was an extremely exciting and enriching experience in every way, from the intercultural exchange that happens naturally when such an international team of volunteers work and live together for weeks, to the first hand experience of the Turkish culture, people and traditions.

During the time that I spend in Bodrum, I was able to learn and teach about the importance of an environmentally conscious life, and take the theory into practice alongside the most inspiring group of young people I have ever met. This experience lead me to believe that the way to make big changes in the world is by inspiring each other to move forward, and I can truly say that, that is exactly what we did.

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